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Considering Travel Nursing But You Don’t Want to Leave Your Furry Family Behind?

If you are wondering if you can bring your furry family on a travel contract, the answer is HECK YES! I have a hard time going on vacation and leaving my dog behind, so I can only imagine that you’d want to bring your dog/cat/any other non-exotic family member with you!

Here are some of the most dog & pet friendly cities in the US to help guide you for a travel contract:

San Francisco, CA

There are dog parks everywhere and even dog-friendly restaurants all over the place (174 to be exact). Plus, we have contracts in and around the area that will pay top dollar, so it’s totally worth it to spend a few months here!

Las Vegas, NV

Ever want to visit the Vegas Strip? You can’t bring your furry family to the casinos but there are several dog parks in the area you CAN bring them to! With barely any bad weather, you can pretty much take your pets out whenever you want! Also, to benefit you, we have a great facility in Vegas that pays really well!

San Diego, CA

Ever want to go out to eat with your pup after a long shift at work? San Diego has 187 places you can take your dog to eat with you! Housing prices are great for pet owners and there are several parks that you can take your pup to play while you sit back and unwind from a week at work! On top of the awesome housing prices, you can even take your pup SHOPPING with you, yes, you heard me correct!

Chicago, IL

I’m sure you don’t really want your furry family to be cold while you’re on a travel assignment here, but have no fear! Chicago offers so many places to get the top trending warm and fuzzy clothes to keep your pets warm! We also see a lot of contracts popping up in the area, so work will not be hard to come by!

New York, NY

Did you know that the city that never sleeps is super dog-friendly? You can take your dog for a walk ANYWHERE, which means you get to explore all over yourself! It’s not the cheapest place to live, but it’s totally worth it if it means spending time roaming the city streets and finding new things to do! We have various facilities with all specialties in the city that have pet-friendly housing near-by, so you will never be too far from your fuzzy friends!

Bozeman, MT

If you don’t mind an hour drive to work, try a travel contract here in the Rocky Mountain College Town! You can take your pets out on a hike, put your pup in K9 skiing, or take your furry friends out to dinner with you! You might even be stopped along the way because someone else is out doing the same! You can meet some great people while exploring this city for a travel assignment!

Atlanta, GA

If you are into awesome skylines and taking your pup to the dog-park, Atlanta is the place to be! While we have several contracts available here with just about all specialties, there are even more dog parks to take your furry family to play after work! There are also more than 250 pet friendly restaurants, which means they can grab a bite to eat with you. You never know who your furry family might help you meet!

If you’re interested in viewing the jobs we have available in these areas or any other area for that matter, click the link to get started!

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