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With over 20 years of healthcare staffing experience, TravelMed USA focuses on providing employment opportunities to Registered Nurses and Allied health professionals seeking local contracts, travel contracts, and per diem staff relief.  


Our process is self guided and you'll never be overwhelmed by repeated sales calls when connecting with us.

TravelMedUSA is a veteran, family owned company that was founded in 1995.  We have a stable foundation and appreciate every new employee that joins our team. 

Travel health professionals contract all over the country wherever there is a shortage.  Choosing a travel company to represent you is about trust, communication, and job availability.  

Our trained recruiters are there to help connect the dots with job hunts that either you don't have the time to keep engaging with or you can't qualify real vs reality in the world of information overload.  

Have a quick question? Ask our live chat on call recruiter to help!

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