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Become a Recruiter

TravelMedUSA is currently looking for recruiters to join our partner program.  Our business model is designed to accommodate at home recruiters with previous experience or no experience at all in healthcare recruiting.  We have the tools necessary for you to succeed at home, we just need committed recruiters that have a desire to be personal and help nurses make decisions.  

A good company will support the recruiter, make sure that the communication funnels through the recruiter, help to present options, maintain flexibility, but above all, especially to at-home recruiters, maintain accessibility and a clear process.  

Being a recruiter is a lot like maintaining a friendship.  We need recruiters that our nursing staff can count on and come to with issues that they have a difficult time vocalizing.  It is often said that the most common and stressful triggers people experience are moving and changing jobs. 

A good recruiter will help a candidate navigate this stress and guide them towards realistic outcomes.  

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