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As a Recruiter, the most common statement that nurses ask me is "what high paying jobs do you have" This is an incredibly relative statement, but I'll do my best to describe my philosophy and go from there.

How much do we pay?

Compared to most companies, our competitive advantage ends up being that we pay more on the same jobs that other companies are posting for. As a smaller, private company, our advantage is that we have lower overhead. Lower overhead means that we can push the pay higher for nurses because from our end, every nurse contributes to the overall system.

Why do some pay packages seem so low?

We work with the rates that the facility is letting us bill. Each facility has a different rate and further, most of the time, regardless of need, they're not classified as a crisis rate. Our goal with these jobs is to still offer them because they may be locations that a nurse is most interested in.

What's the highest paying job we've ever filled.

Apples to Apples, 36 hours per week, 3200 gross, which totaled out at 2400 Net, BUT, here's the details. It was an EMR conversion paying well, the referring nurse also said "I'll share my 1000 dollar bonus with my friend / nurse traveler. Most jobs pay between 1500 NET and 1900 NET on 36 hours and although it's common to see higher than this in California, cost of living jumps up super high in the relative areas. My suggestion if you're looking for high paying jobs, let us help offer you backup plans that pay well, but for us that are also jobs we'd take a hit on because we may be wanting to please a client with a new nurse, or it's a facility we haven't staffed in a while. Sometimes the general search for high paying jobs doesn't capture the full picture of HOW MUCH ARE WE WILLING TO PAY TO GET YOU ON THIS JOB

I've seen Jobs advertising 4000 per week, is that real?

I would only say, double check the details. Are we talking about 48 hours? Is it a strike position? Is it San Fran or LA? Everything is relative. We've had travelers pull in 4000 per week NET in Georgia, but they were working their tails off.

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