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Drop a Pin, but Where?

The healthcare industry is always evolving, travel nursing opportunities have become more demanding in certain states across the U.S.. As a nurse when you are looking to explore new positions, not only are you seeking the best paying, but also an exciting adventure. Recent reports for 2017 have shown that the following states are at the top for travel nursing.


While you may be cautious about California's cost of living, it is one of the highest paying states across the country. Also, whats not to love with a coast full of sunny beaches all the way to Wine Country and Death Valley!


Next up, The Lone Star State. Texas has a multitude of top-notch healthcare facilities making nursing opportunities that much easier to come by. According to Forbes, Texas came in fourth for the best states to make a living in 2017 with a lower cost of living.

When you're done working your shifts you can treat yourself to some incredible BBQ!


Don't let the Hurricanes scare you away! With over 300 hospitals in Florida, nursing opportunities are not lacking. From amusement parks, sandy beaches, historical sites, and beautiful gardens you won't find yourself bored in the sunshine state!


If you are a first timer in the Peach State, Atlanta is a must see and the peaches are to die for! Georgia tends to have high paying nursing possibilities and affordable housing. After a long day you can relax by Savannah's shores or enjoy Macon's spring cherry blossoms in Dunlap Park.

Regardless of your choice in scenery and adventure, Travel Nursing does not have to be limited for you. Take the next leap in your career and try something new. Who knows, you just might love it!

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