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TravelMed enables you to SEARCH, SELECT, and RUN COMPLETE PAY DETAILS 100% on your own.  By empowering you, TravelMed is able to transfer those savings from the sales process to paying you better than our competitors.

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Creating a profile with TravelMedUSA allows you to save searches, find new open positions, and view pay packages without the hassle of being sold on a bottom line.



By automating this process, we're able to pay more to you, the user.

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Clear Pay Details

Our jobs list automatically runs the pay details as you scroll through the open positions.

Unlike other companies in the industry, you can also view a weekly after tax calculation estimate.


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Receive text communications that bring you back to your personal link anytime you see an offer that you like.  

Your link will always take you back to a central place where you can drop your documents, complete your skills assessments, and follow your submittals and contract details.


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