Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a travel therapist or nurse with TravelMed USA?
The first step to becoming a traveling therapist or nurse is to complete a quick contact form. If you have a few more minutes we recommend that you take some time to fill out your travel profile. This process does not take much time at all. All we need are some of your basic travel interests, skills checklist, two professional references, and a copy of your resume. After that we can start marketing your resume to selected facility settings and preferred areas of travel. All of your information is kept strictly confidential.
What happens once I submit my quick contact form?
Once we receive your contact information, one of our recruiting agents will contact you to begin the process of finding the right assignment for you. If you have completed your travel profile already, this process will move even faster. You and your recruiter will work together to find the travel therapy or nursing jobs that best suit your skills, preferences and career ambitions.
What are the minimum requirements to be a traveler with TravelMed USA?
You must be a graduate of an accredited professional program, and have recent experience in your specialty. For most specialties, you need 12 consecutive months of experience; however, for some high-demand specialties, you can begin traveling earlier depending on facility need and your current skill level. For instance, if you are a physical therapist some facilities that have an ongoing need for PT help may take on a recent new grad if the facility has a veteran PT to supervise and help you throughout your treatments and evaluations.
Am I under any obligation after submitting my contact information and/or traveler profile?
Absolutely not. Your contact info and traveler profile are simply used to qualify you for travel therapy and nursing jobs. It also helps us to find assignments that are well matched to your skills and proficiencies when and if you ever decide to embark on a travel career.
Does TravelMed USA offer Nurse and Therapist Referral Bonuses?
Absolutely!!!! At TravelMed USA we understand that you are our best source for finding dependable and qualified medical professionals. Our reputation is viewed by clients and other traveler’s day in and day out by you. We want to thank you for speaking so highly of our company and in return for each therapist and/or nurse, TravelMed USA will compensate you $500 for each traveler that you refer. All you have to do is pass on your recruiters name and phone number. After the referral therapist or nurse completes a 13 week assignment, $500 will be given to you. There is no limit to how many travelers you can refer. The more that you talk to, the more money you will make. Click here to refer a fellow therapist or nurse now.
Will I have to pay any fees for your service?
No. Our services are completely free to you.
Will I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. Your contractual commitment is only for the length of one assignment, typically 13 weeks. You are not committed to work for us beyond the length of the assignment you take.
When should I start preparing for my travel assignment?
This depends on how quickly you want to move. Some of our healthcare professionals begin their first assignment within two weeks of submitting their application. Other professionals schedule their travel jobs four or five months in advance. If you’re considering working as a travel therapist or nurse, it may be worth your while to complete the quick contact form now so you won’t miss out on the best assignments in your specialty or desired location.
Can I travel with my family or my pet?
Yes, of course you can. Taking friends, family or pets on the road is a great way to share your travel experiences. Please refer to our housing section for more details.

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