Perm Placement

Often times healthcare professionals can get overwhelmed or weary of submitting their resume to a job search website, marketing portal, or client facility in efforts of securing a full time job. Say goodbye to receiving hundreds of sales calls after your resume is submitted because websites are sharing your private information for profit with other companies.

At TravelMed USA we are there to protect you from these scenarios and this where our experienced perm-placement recruiters can help alleviate your concerns. We have honestly been in the staffing industry for over 20 years. We have seen it all, and there is often not a question that we are not able to answer as a result of this. If you were to trust us in locating a permanent full time position through TravelMed USA, we will act as an agent liaison to secure the best possible pay rate and benefits package possible.


This program is of high interest to many of our healthcare workers because it gives you the opportunity to “try out” the facility/client location before committing full time to that organization. Temp-to-Perm programs are setup by requiring you to work a minimum number of hours within the facility client location selected. After this term is completed, you will have the option of signing on full time or part time with that client organization. Contract terms vary based on facility requirements. Please call our office to find out more about this program.

Please call our office today to find out more details on our Permanent Placement or Temp to Perm Programs.

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